Addressing Cybersecurity Skills Gap Through Neurodiversity

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You don’t need to tell us the power of being neurodivergent. Did you know that Rogue Security’s owner/operator, Justin Robinson, has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

Given a comfortable and supportive environment, as well as a topic that interests us (Cybersecurity); and what happens is that the behaviours that are frequently called “symptoms” of our disorders, are experienced less often, or even completely flip!

“My inattention becomes hyperfocus, my random thoughts become a brainstorm for the ages, and what you think is procrastination is actually extremely well-tuned mental preparation. And oh boy am I passionate!” ~ Justin Robinson

Given an uncomfortable environment, like anyone, we will be frustrated, depressed, anxious, and even bored! Our needs are simply different, and in some cases may seem unnecessary for an adult. Our comforts are different too, and our discomforts occur more often. Give us a break on that last one, we simultaneously hate change in routine, but love experiencing different things and can become bored when doing the same thing over and over again.

“Neurodiverse minds are usually great at finding the needle in the haystack, the small red flags and minute details that are critical for hunting down and analyzing potential threats. Other strengths include pattern recognition, thinking outside the box, attention to detail, a keen sense of focus, methodical thinking and integrity.” ~ Referenced from article

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