CylanceProtect API Wrapper in Python3

CylanceProtect is an artificial intelligence based anti-virus solution that is now owned by Blackberry.

A few years ago I wrote a Python3 wrapper for the CylanceProtect API. It’s not well testing, but fairly well documented. Feel free to check it out on Github and modify it as you see fit.

CyPyAPI was designed as an object oriented class so you’ll simply need to instantiate the object with the required connection settings, and then call whatever methods that you wish.

import cypyapi

# Create a new CyPyAPI object
cypiapi_object = CyPyApi(Tenant_ID, App_ID, App_Secret)

# Now call whatever method that you wish.
users = cypiapi_object.get_users()

It’s as simple as that.

Check out the code over on GitHub.