Cybersecurity Daily News for Aug 25, 2021

Following Razers lead, SteelSeries bug gives Win10 admin rights by plugging in device; data leak exposes millions of private government records; and IceID banking trojan being used by OnePercent ransomware group.

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A new NSO zero-click attack evades Apple’s iPhone security protections, says Citizen Lab –

Data leak exposes tens of millions of private records from corporations and government agencies –

Researchers Warn of 4 Emerging Ransomware Groups That Can Cause Havoc –

‘Some’ data leaked in attempted ransomware attack, Eskenazi says –

OnePercent ransomware group hits companies via IceID banking Trojan –

Tardy Breach Notification Raises Eyebrows –

Personal data of more than 73,000 patients affected in cyberattack on eye clinic –

SteelSeries bug gives Windows 10 admin rights by plugging in a device –

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