Cybersecurity Daily News for Aug 27, 2021

Talk to your kids about the dangers of cyberbullying with back to school season here; 70% of security pros believe cyber insurance is making ransomware attacks worse; and Ragnarok ransomware gang abruptly shuts down, leaks master decryption key.

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Cyberbullying ‘very prevalent’ with Island youth, say Charlottetown police –

70% of Cyber Pros Believe Cyber Insurance is Exacerbating Ransomware –

FBI shares technical details for Hive ransomware –

Win10 Admin Rights Tossed Off by Yet Another Plug-In –

Ragnarok ransomware releases master decryptor after shutdown –

Cybersecurity Experts Worried by Chinese Firm’s Control of Smart Devices  –

Microsoft Breaks Silence on Barrage of ProxyShell Attacks –

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