Cybersecurity Daily News for Sept 3, 2021

Cisco patches critical TACACS+ authentication bug in Cisco Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software; New Malware family utilizes CLFS log files to hide second stage; and US farm loses $9 million in aftermath of ransomware attack.

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Gift Card Gang Extracts Cash From 100k Inboxes Daily –

FTC Bans Stalkerware App in Industry First –

FBI: Sextortion complaints spike leads to $8 million in losses –

Cisco Patches Critical Authentication Bug With Public Exploit –
CVE-2021-34746 – TACACS+ authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) feature of Cisco Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software (NFVIS)

This New Malware Family Using CLFS Log Files to Avoid Detection –

SEC fines eight investment firms for cybersecurity breaches that leaked client info –

US farm loses $9 million in the aftermath of a ransomware attack –

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