PHP 8.0 Now Available

Introducing PHP 8.0

We are happy to announce that PHP 8.0 is now generally available to all Rogue Security Business Website Hosting clients. PHP 8.0 is a major release within the PHP ecosystem and includes many optimizations, better syntax, and improved type safety.  As a major release, PHP 8.0 might require some modifications to your existing scripts. Please make sure that you review your existing website before moving to PHP 8.0. Make sure to utilize the various migration guides available on the website.

You’ll find PHP 8.0 available directly from your Website Control Panel and can be defined by website. This means that if you have multiple websites on our platform; each one may use a different version of PHP. Simply login to the Rogue Security Hosting Control Panel, navigate to ‘Sites‘, select the website that you wish to change the PHP version for, scroll down to the dropdown for ‘PHP Version‘, and select the version of PHP that you wish to use for this particular website.

Dropdown menu for selecting PHP version.

PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4 will continue to be available for all clients; PHP 7.4 is now the default version of PHP for all new clients. Existing clients will not have any changes made to the default version of PHP for their websites.