Information Security

for Small and Medium Enterprise

Rogue Security believes in building security into technical solutions from the very beginning. Our team works with your organisational representatives to understand its specific needs, and execute on those needs in the most effective way.

As part of the commitment that we have with our clients, every ongoing engagement with Rogue Security includes a regular stakeholder meeting via Zoom with your organisations’ stakeholders, to review your Information Security Management and Strategy.

vCISO Services

A security professional without the headcount. Information Security Management, Strategy, and Budgeting for organisations that are serious about Security.

Secure Website Hosting

Websites are the first stop for malicious attackers when getting information on your organisation, people, and technology. Protect it with modern, open source technology.

E-mail Hosting and Threat Monitoring

Microsoft 365 E-mail Hosting setup with recommended baselines and ongoing threat monitoring for secure business communications. E-mail is the #1 vector for distributing Malware.

Security Assessments

Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Privacy Impact Assessment, and more. Find out your risks before bad actors do.

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