Virtual CISO

For Small and Medium Enterprise

Rogue Security is making Cybersecurity and Information Security accessible and affordable to SMEs. We provide access to a qualified security professional in an easy to understand subscription model. You’ll only pay for the hours you need with our flexible packages.

Free Risk Questionnaire

Take the free Rogue Security SME Risk Questionnaire today and find out how your organisation might be at risk.

Management and Leadership

A Rogue Security vCISO allows you to add an executive leader to your organization without adding to your headcount. Your Information Security Program Management, Strategy and Budgeting is taken care of so you can focus on doing what you do best, delivering value to your customers.

Reporting and Metrics

Stop wondering if your Information Security program is working and start knowing. A Rogue Security vCISO can work with your existing systems and vendors to provide you with reports on the effectiveness of your program.

Incident Response

The first hours of a cyber attack can be the most critical and with a Rogue Security vCISO you don’t need to spend time finding someone to call. Your vCISO is available 24/7 for the management of cyber incident response.

Secure Your Business

Book a free consultation to find out more about how a vCISO can help keep your organisation online and profitable.

Are you looking for a more specific product or service such as a Privacy Impact Assessment or ISO-27001 Implementation Guidance and Management? We can help you with that, as well.

All vCISO Subscriptions Include

check Complete Information Security Program Management, Strategy and Budgeting

check Regular Stakeholder Meetings

check 24/7 Incident Response Management

check Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

check Security Policy and Procedure Review and Recommendations

check Support Achieving your Audit and Compliance Objectives

check A Risk Assessment & Risk Management for your Organization

check Cloud Security Expertise

check Partnerships with Security and Technology Vendors

check Monthly Metrics and Reporting

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